lazy dinner for one

I love to bake. But when it comes to meal preparation, unless it’s for a special occasion, I am sooo lazy. Basically, I don’t think about preparing or eating a meal until I suddenly find myself starving…and then I want food immediately.

A few years ago, this meant that if I wasn’t going out for dinner or someone wasn’t making dinner for me, I would be having cereal for dinner. Then I graduated to frozen prepared foods, like veggie burgers, veggie dogs, and Amy’s burritos and mac and soy cheeze. Lucky for me, Jeff loves to cook and makes amazing dinners for us regularly. But when he’s out of town, I have to hustle up my own food. Here is a “recipe” for one of my quick meals that is a marked improvement from cereal and frozen dinners.

super fast and yummy burrito:

  1. Microwave some frozen veggies. I’ve been using diced butternut squash a lot. Corn would be good too.
  2. Open a can of refried beans and mix with some salsa in a bowl. Microwave this.
  3. Microwave a tortilla for about 15 seconds, just to get it warm. I really like Dempster’s ancient grains tortillas.
  4. Line the warm tortilla with spinach leaves. Then add in all your other stuff, wrap the burrito up, and eat!

If you want to fancy this up a little bit and are willing to spend more than 5 minutes making your meal, you could add rice or quinoa. And guacamole makes everything yummier too.

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