50 things i want to do

I started making this “life goals” list in September 2007. It’s not 50 items long yet, but obviously it’s a work in progress. This past weekend, I completed #9! =) I’ll post more about that once we have more photos from the big day! Anyway, without further ado, here is the list:

  1. Visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (2008)
  2. Visit Hawaii
  3. Hike down and out of the Grand Canyon
  4. Finish knitting that scarf, and maybe more knitting projects (2010)
  5. Visit Machu Picchu
  6. Go for a ride in a hot air balloon (2008)
  7. Finish reading A People’s History of the United States (2009)
  8. Finish PhD (2009)
  9. Get married (2010)
  10. Have kids
  11. Learn to golf
  12. Go to the Strip District farmers market in Pittsburgh (2008)
  13. Grow my own vegetables
  14. Visit Iceland
  15. Play tennis on a grass court
  16. Attend Wimbledon
  17. Attend Roland Garros
  18. Attend the Australian open
  19. Ride a camel on a sand dune
  20. Go to “The Wave” in Arizona
  21. Donate hair to Locks of Love
  22. See the northern lights
  23. Go to at least one of the places from the song “Kokomo”

I sort of wish I had made this list earlier, because the following items were major things that I wanted to do too, but I was lucky enough to do them before September 2007.

  1. Go skydiving
  2. Walk on a glacier
  3. Attend the US Open (tennis)

I’ll update the blog as more of these exciting things get accomplished!

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