caroline wozniacki’s tennis dress

This is the adidas by Stella McCartney tennis performance dress that Caroline Wozniacki is wearing at the US Open this year.

(photo from adidas website)

I think it is one of my favorite tennis dresses yet. It has a beautiful style, with the ribbing/ruching and mesh top, yet also seems rather practical and comfortable for actually playing tennis. I like the neutral color, so that the wearer can change her bra/shorts colors underneath the dress to give the look some variety. Also, the color doesn’t show sweat much, which is always a plus. My only real complaint about the dress, at least as worn by Caroline Wozniacki, is that I wish the dress were just a bit longer.

3 responses

  1. Haha! So true! I was telling Jared the same thing! You could tell that the camera men were trying really hard not to get her butt in the shot! (because it was so short in the back)

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