you had me at “vegan milkshake”

I have finally fallen completely in love with a restaurant in Halifax. Mary’s Place, you are the best!

First of all, they have vegan milkshakes and vegan ice cream! Hooray! They also have the dairy versions, if you’re into that.

Also wonderful is the awesome vegan make your own combo plate, where you get 3 items out of a long list of yummy choices for $7.99. That also includes coffee/tea/juice. So far I’ve had the foul salad (fava bean salad), garlic homefries, fatoush salad, grilled potato patty, veggie kafta, veggie patty, hummus, babaganouche, grape leaves, veggie chili, curry rice, and lentil rice. Good stuff!

They also have all-day breakfast! Pancakes and French toast, here I come! And I haven’t yet tried the sweet potato fries with curry sauce, but I definitely will soon. There are also loads of desserts that I haven’t tried yet, but some of my friends have had the rice pudding and pumpkin pie and thought they were great.

So, good food, good variety, and good prices, all in a laid-back diner-vibe place. I should note that all of my observations are based on my experiences at Mary’s Place 2, which recently opened on Spring Garden Road, but I’m sure the original Mary’s Place on Robie Street in the North End is just as great. In conclusion, yay for Mary’s Place!

UPDATE: I finally looked at the gluten-free menu at Mary’s and was delighted to see that they have gluten-free pancakes and French toast! Amazing!

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