discovering new veggies

Last year we discovered how awesome squash is. In particular, we were amazed by spaghetti squash. Now our CSA is exposing us to other vegetables that we might not have ever tried, and it’s pretty exciting!

Our first CSA-related discovery this fall was purple potatoes. They taste like regular potatoes to me, but they are so pretty!

purple potatoes, carrots, and daikon radishes ready to be roasted!

Parsnips somehow escaped me until they came in our CSA share as well. You can read about how we ate those in Jeff’s guest post!

I had never even heard of celeriac until it showed up in our CSA share. It’s really neat – it tastes and smells like celery, but looks and feels more or less like a potato. We actually broiled celeriac slices the same way as the parsnips. Mmmm.

I was always scared of brussels sprouts since they have such a reputation for being gross. But when roasted with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and garlic, they were actually very good!

Hooray for veggies!

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