looking forward

The Daily Post at WordPress asks: what are you looking forward to this year? In chronological order, I am looking forward to…(yay, another bulleted list!)…

  • Going to Florida in the beginning of February! It’ll be great to see my parents and hopefully bask in some sunshine and warmth for a couple of days. Bonus: it turns out that Jeff’s mom and Chris will be in Orlando then too, so we’ll get to see them briefly as well!
  • Starting a vegetable garden! Our backyard is kind of soggy, but it has a lot of space, so I think we will get some raised bed gardens going and try to grow some easy vegetables! Growing my own vegetables is item #13 on my bucket list, and probably the only item on the list that is likely to be accomplished in 2011.
  • Enjoying the house and visitors this summer! I’m really looking forward to walks by the ocean and canoeing in the lake…maybe even swimming in the lake if it gets warm enough for me. And it looks like we’ll have some family and friends visiting us this summer – I can’t wait to show them around!
  • Seeing the last Harry Potter movie! It’s coming out in July!

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  1. wetsuit!

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