best bubble tea in halifax

I fell in love with bubble tea when I lived in Pittsburgh. Rose Tea Cafe and Lu Lu’s Noodles both had fabulous bubble teas in their own right – I loved Rose Tea Cafe’s real (sweetened) teas with pearls, and Lu Lu’s had great fresh fruit blended into their sweet pearl-laden drinks. I’ve checked out a few bubble tea houses in Halifax, and been disappointed to find that they can only make milk teas. Thank goodness for Indochine Banh Mi and their fruit smoothies with pearls! The smoothies are made with only real fruit/fruit juice and tapioca pearls, so they are actually a healthy treat! My favorite flavor (so far…) is mango.

Incidentally, the rest of Indochine’s menu is great too, and very veggie friendly. The lentil and bean pate sandwich and the veggie meatball sandwich are both awesome. I’ve probably never had such a tasty, spicy sandwich as the ones at Indochine.


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  3. big bubble tea fan | Reply

    if you think this is better than “George’s bubble tea” on the end of Victoria, you’ve obviously never tried his. I had indochine’s bubble tea today, and have to say, the hype did not match the product. I was rather disappointed. The “smoothie” was extremely watery, the tapioca pearls had no taste, and when I asked for extra tapioca, the two extra pearls the woman gave me, was definitely not suffice. Also, who in the world thinks the flavour “melon” is cantaloupe. Obviously choosing melon, you intend on having honeydew melon, or at least a variety of melons. I have had bubble tea all over Canada, and my partner all over Asia, and unfortunately we were both very disappointed.

    1. Sorry to hear that you didn’t like it! I’ve never had the melon smoothie, so it’s good to know that it’s watery and not so tasty. Mango or mango/coconut are my favorites flavors at Indochine. My problem with George’s bubble tea was that when I went there, they couldn’t make a bubble tea without milk. I think they, like many places, made all of their bubble teas from a mix that contained milk powder.

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