Mexican food can be so hit or miss for vegan options, but we were really delighted with Abuelos Mexican Restaurant in Kissimmee, Florida. I had the avocado enchiladas with ranchero sauce (with Mexican rice and refried beans as my sides). It was so delicious! How have I never seen or even thought of avocado enchiladas before?! It’s basically a huge lump of guacamole baked in a tortilla, with spicy tomato sauce on top. YUM! Jeff had the veggie fajitas, which were also great. They came with an impressive variety of tasty, non-mushy vegetables.

At this location, all of the sides are prepared vegetarian, and most of them are vegan. I also liked the decor and open layout, which somehow wasn’t loud even though the restaurant was bustling. This chain is scattered around the US, so hopefully their other locations are as vegetarian/vegan friendly as the Kissimmee location.


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  1. […] a hunch that guac is good on anything. Of course it’s good with chips and burritos. And in enchiladas. I also like it on rice cakes, socca, or any sort of bread. I like guac in a house, with a mouse, […]

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