dream vacations

It’s been a little while since I’ve used one of The Daily Post at WordPress‘ prompts. Here’s one that I liked: describe your dream vacation. I have a lot of dream vacations, but I’ve narrowed this post down to my three favorites.

1. The Grand Canyon and The Wave: Hiking and Incredible Rock Formations. This one requires a lot of planning ahead, and some luck. I want to hike down into the Grand Canyon and spend the night in the lodge, then hike back up the next day. But rumor has it that one needs to make reservations to stay in the lodge at least a year in advance. As for The Wave, a very limited number of people are allowed to hike around The Wave each day, so hopeful hikers have to enter a permit lottery. Hopefully someday I can make this all come together for an amazing trip.

The Wave


2. Machu Picchu/The Inca Trail and Iguazu Falls: Super Duper South America Trip. Like Stonehenge, Machu Picchu is one of those places that looks so mystical and cool that one just hopes for the opportunity to see it in real life. Iguazu Falls, a spectacular cluster of waterfalls located at the Argentina-Brazil border, is pretty far away from Machu Picchu…but since we’re talking dream vacations, I think combining these two destinations would make for an incredible trip.
















Machu Picchu



3. Hawaii: Beaches and Volanoes. I’m not the type to chill on the beach for my whole vacation, but I think a trip to Hawaii would offer a nice balance of hiking and exploring cool tropical areas, along with some time to relax on the beautiful beaches and maybe even catch some waves.













Pretty Beach in Hawaii




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  1. […] know, how boring am I?). Okay, okay, I’d probably use a few thousand of it for one of those dream vacations I posted about the other day, and donate a few thousand to a couple of charities. And I’d allow myself a few more trips […]

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