if i had a million dollars

Another prompt from The Daily Post at WordPress: what would you do with a million dollars, tax free? After thinking about this question for a few minutes, I realized that even though I’m not rich by most (if any) North American standards, I’m not very limited by money. If I suddenly gained a million dollars, realistically, I think I’d pay off our mortgage and put most of the money in the bank/mutual funds and otherwise not do much with it (I know, how boring am I?). Okay, okay, I’d probably use a few thousand of it for one of those dream vacations I posted about the other day, and donate a few thousand to a couple of charities. And I’d allow myself a few more trips home each year since the airfare wouldn’t be a big deal to me anymore. When going out to eat with friends or family, I’d pay for everyone. Maybe I’d buy an immersion blender and some new furniture. Hopefully the rest of the million would grow into a nice retirement egg that would allow Jeff and I to retire early, although he might end up loving his job so much that he would want to keep working just for fun.

What would you do with a million dollars? Here’s what the Barenaked Ladies would do:


3 responses

  1. this is one of the reasons i love you!

  2. BTW, I’d do pretty much the same thing (except you have say things like “let ellen fly home more” and “let ellen retire early”)

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