obsession of the week: crohn’s

Okay, so not all of my obsessions are fun ones. After months of tests, I was officially diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease this week. Until I can get some drugs to calm down the inflammation in my small intestine, I’m trying a new thing with my diet: reducing my wheat and soy consumption. I already recognized that I was lactose intolerant (a common issue for people with Crohn’s), but after reading some of the medical literature, it looks like a whole lot of people with Crohn’s are also wheat intolerant. Soy, various fruits, vegetables, and meats are all common food sensitivities for people with Crohn’s too, but not as overwhelmingly common as dairy and wheat. In the long-term, I hope I can manage this disease with diet for the most part, because I find steroids and immune suppression drugs pretty scary. So here’s to figuring out what my intestines like and what they hate!


4 responses

  1. my obsession of the week is hugs

    1. that is an excellent obsession. ❤

  2. Oh no! I hope that you are able to manage it okay. My thoughts are with you. 🙂

    1. thanks, lindsay! i’m optimistic.

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