obsession of the week: muffins

I’ve been feeling consistently good since I stopped eating wheat, which is awesome. But I am really craving a nice fluffy muffin. I haven’t bought the mixture of flours I need to make my own gluten-free muffins yet, so I’ve had to satisfy my sweet snack cravings with other things. Rice cakes with jam are good, as well as homemade rice crispy treats (veganized by using corn syrup instead of marshmallow – kinda gross but also yummy), EnviroKidz peanut butter crispy rice bars, and homemade almond milk pudding. The Enjoy Life cocoa chewy bars are pretty tasty, but expensive and really small. I’m definitely getting by with these snacks, but unfortunately, none of them have the fluffy factor that I enjoy so much. Hoping to satisfy my muffin craving soon!


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