obsession of the week: guacamole

I loooove avocados, especially in the form of guacamole. It’s more like the obsession of my life than the obsession of the week, but I have been extra obsessed lately, so it seemed appropriate to post.

Here’s how I make my super quick guacamole: Peel avocado(s), remove pit(s). Place the good stuff in a bowl and mash with a fork (lumps are okay). Squirt some lemon juice into the bowl and add a bit of garlic salt. Stir. Add some diced fresh tomatoes or salsa and stir some more. Tah-dah! If you have some around, throw in some cilantro too. Yum!

I have a hunch that guac is good on anything. Of course it’s good with chips and burritos. And in enchiladas. I also like it on rice cakes, socca, or any sort of bread. I like guac in a house, with a mouse, in a box, and with a fox – I like guac anywhere.


2 responses

  1. i think you’re confusing guac with peanut butter… peanut butter is good on everything! (guac is amazing though)

  2. i’m suggesting that they are both good on everything!

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