obsession of the week: annoyed with the news


I like reading the news in the morning when I wake up, at lunchtime, and again at night. I usually read the news at cnn.com, mostly out of habit. Now, I recognize that the US finding and killing Osama Bin Laden was a big deal. He was a bad, bad man, and now he will do bad things no more. That’s great! But this event happened on Sunday night (in my time zone anyway) and it has been pretty much the only thing in the news all week. The media thinks I need to know every detail about how this event transpired. Meanwhile, I’m pretty sure that other noteworthy things have been happening around the world all week – why not report on those? For example, the Canadian election was barely mentioned. What’s new with the revolutions in Libya and Syria? How are those unfortunate people in tornado-ravaged Alabama doing?

I just like to have a little variety in the headlines that I browse, and I feel like often a particular news story is being shoved down my throat, whether I’m interested in it or not. Blargh.


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