obsession of the week: immunosuppression

I don’t mean for this blog to be super Crohn’s focused, but at the moment my main obsession is the journey towards feeling healthy regularly. I met with my doctor earlier this week and we talked about my colonoscopy results. My small intestine is quite inflamed: narrowed, red, raw, and has lots of ulcers in it. There was also some mild inflammation (just looking a bit red) in a few spots in my colon. We discussed medication options and decided that we’d go with one of the more promising therapies in the literature: combination Remicade (a TNF-alpha inhibitor) and Imuran (an immunomodulator) therapy. This combination of drugs seems to be the most effective treatment we currently have for putting Crohns-y people into remission and keeping them there. Some of the potential side effects are a bit worrisome, but the major ones are rare, and I think it’s worth the risk. I want to get my digestive system as close to normal as I can (I want to eat seitan and gluten-containing baked goods again!), and I want to feel normal (or close to it) often enough so that I can take it for granted again =)

So, I just started taking Imuran this week. So far I haven’t experienced any side effects. I’ll be getting lots of blood tests over the next month to make sure that I don’t end up with bone marrow suppression or other weird things happening with my immune cells. If all goes according to plan, I’ll probably start getting Remicade infusions next month.

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  1. lazy manatees | Reply

    you immunosurpressed your crotch when you took that photo

    1. it was closer to my knees. this blog is rated G =)

  2. I hope you are able to find relief from the drugs, Ellen! Keep us posted.

    1. thanks, shannon =)

  3. Oh Ellen, I hope that the new medicine will do the trick and you start feeling better. It breaks my heart to hear that you haven’t been feeling good. 😦

    1. thanks so much, lindsay! ❤

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