pill popping

Last week, my Imuran dose increased to two 50 mg pills each day. You wouldn’t think that taking one pill with breakfast (along with my multivitamin) and one with dinner would be that difficult to keep track of, but for me, somehow it is. So I gave in and bought one of those days of the week pill cases like the one my grandmother used to keep track of her many medications when she was very sick near the end of her life. In order to make this new pill popping routine more fun, and my need for such a pill case less depressing, I bought the cutest one I could find (i.e., pink), and covered it with super cute stickers that were left over from a Hello Kitty calendar I had a few years ago (probably not as many years as you think, haha).

cute pill box!

And for when I’m out and about and need to take a pill, I wanted a smaller and more discreet pill case to keep in my bag. This Hello Kitty candy case will do the trick!

(I'm crossing hand modeling off of my list of potential careers)

Hopefully I’ll be able to keep my pill popping schedule straight now!

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