obsession of the week: vacation!

I’m leaving for vacation tomorrow, yipppeeee!

CNN.com has recently been publishing a series of stories about the importance of vacation time, and the lack thereof for most workers in the US. They reported that the typical American worker only gets two to three weeks of vacation, in addition to a few national holidays. And sadly, only 57% of US workers use up all of the vacation days they’re entitled to! Meanwhile, in France, the government mandates five weeks of vacation for all workers, and up to 11 weeks of vacation is not uncommon [source]!

I consider myself a very lucky duck with four weeks of vacation time, in addition to all of the university holidays (including the all-important week between Christmas and New Years when the university is closed).  That’s a lot of time off for a North American, but I absolutely use up all of it. Since we live far from our family, we spend most of our vacation time traveling to see everyone rather than sightseeing or chilling out on a beach somewhere. If we had less vacation time than the opulent number of days we have now, we would definitely not have time for any vacations to visit new places.

How about you? How much vacation time do you get, and do you use it all? Why or why not?


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  1. Ellen – Can’t wait to see you while you are in town! I saw the CNN story about the “no vacation nation”. I try to make the best use of my days as I can – like heading to NS this summer to see you & Jeff 🙂


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