the best airport food for vegans

The best thing that can happen to me in an airport is stumbling upon a Cibo Express Gourmet Market. This place is heaven for a hungry vegan traveler, or anyone looking for healthy or high-end snacks. These little markets sell great prepared vegan meals like Asian bento boxes, buffalo tofu, seitan wraps and sandwiches, and sushi (veggie and fishy). They also have a lot of my favorite snacks: hummus and veggie packs, vegan yogurt, Food Should Taste Good chips, Veggie Booty, and my favorite chocolate (all of which are vegan and gluten-free!).

So far I’ve only seen these fantastic little markets at JFK and O’Hare airports, but a Google search suggests that they are also at Philadelphia, LaGuardia, and Tucson airports. Hooray for good airport food!

snacks from Cibo

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  1. yay!

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