weekly photo challenge: old fashioned

A handful of old fashioned candy that we used to stuff a pinata!

And here’s the pinata, hanging from our clothesline and patiently awaiting the onslaught of children wielding a sawed off hockey stick…


5 responses

  1. i was thinking the taffy would be in this too.

    1. i took a picture with the taffy included, but i thought this all earthy-colored mixture looked better.

  2. Only in Canada would they use a hockey stick to attack the pinata, eh?

    1. uh huh! i love the juxtaposition of cultures =)

  3. […] After another week of feeling good, I was back to experimenting with my diet. I ate quite a bit of our pinata candy (we overestimated how much candy the pinata would hold, so there was lots of extra candy), and that […]

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