coburg coffee’s cookies

Coburg Coffee House is a cozy little coffee house in the south end of Halifax. And I love it because it is very vegan and gluten-free friendly!

They sell huge vegan/wheat-free chocolate chip cookies for around $2. They’re almost as big as a 45 record! Now, they’re not the best cookies you’ll ever eat (they’re kind of crumbly and not chewy), but they are tasty cookies that you can eat if you need a sweet vegan and gluten-free treat while out and about in Halifax.

Coburg Coffee also sells vegan and gluten-free pakoras and soup. So you can totally get a satisfying and tasty vegan and gluten-free meal, with dessert! Yay!


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  1. […] UPDATE: I’ve posted about a few other fabulous restaurants around Halifax on the blog since this post: Mary’s Place, Indochine Banh Mi (I only mentioned their sandwiches, but their rice noodle bowls are also delicious), Burrito Jax, and Coburg Coffee House. […]

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