field berry lace cookies

I was desperate to bake something new from my BabyCakes Covers the Classics cookbook, but applesauce is a key ingredient in almost every recipe in the book, and the only applesauce I had in my pantry was field berry applesauce. I didn’t think the field berry flavor would work well with the snickerdoodle or black and white cookie recipes, but I figured it couldn’t do any harm to the lace cookies (apologies to any lace cookie purists out there – I’ve never had these apparently classic cookies before, so I felt free to improvise with them).

The result was excellent! Delicious sweet berry aromas filled my house as my lace cookies with essence of berry baked. These cookies are so tasty, and if you bake them for just the right length of time, you can have a crispy, chewy edge and a gooey middle. YUM!

this lace cookie is kind of heart-shaped!


2 responses

  1. Beautiful photo of the heart-shaped one!

    1. thanks, amy! i like having an excuse to show off my pretty plates once in a while 🙂

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