kickass cupcakes

While we were in Boston, I was keen to try one of the gluten-free cupcakes from Kickass Cupcakes, a small cupcakery on Highland Avenue in Davis Square. The variety of gluten-free cupcake flavors surpassed my expectations – they had chocolate, vanilla, mojito, and choco-mint gluten-free cupcakes, as well as many flavors of regular cupcakes, a few flavors of vegan cupcakes, and even cupcakes for pets! There was no indoor seating, so I took my choco-mint cupcake to go in a compostable take-out box. The $3 cupcake was about the same size as the ones I make at home, rather than one of those jumbo cupcakes that some bakeries sell. But the cupcake was tasty and moist and not too crumbly. I would love to try out their other flavors the next time I am in town!

2 responses

  1. Did I just hear you say that they sell a mojito cupcake! Heck yes, please 🙂 Now I am thinking I need to make a quick trip out to Boston just for a Kickass cupcake!

    1. 🙂 do it! but call ahead to make sure they haven’t sold out of the gluten-free ones yet.

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