babycakes cornbread

Mmmm, cornbread…

So far, cornbread (including pumpkin cornbread) is the only vegan and gluten-free bread that I’ve successfully made. I made this yummy loaf of cornbread using a recipe from the first BabyCakes cookbook. For those of you who don’t own this fantastic cookbook, the recipe is also available online here. The only small deviation I made from the recipe is that I substituted corn flour with corn starch, but the bread still turned out so well that the two of us scarfed down most of the loaf with some leftover miser wat (recipe for that, and other delicious vegetarian Ethiopian dishes, is here).

2 responses

  1. This looks delicious!

  2. […] We used almond cheese and added black beans for protein, but otherwise followed the gist of the recipe linked above. And we’ve been making them with purple cauliflower because purple is our three-year-old’s favorite color, and that makes her want to eat them. They go well with salsa, guacamole, and a side of cornbread. […]

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