peppy miller’s headwear

Have you seen The Artist? It’s obviously been nominated for lots of Oscars, and is a thoroughly charming movie. I’d like to give an award for best headwear in a film to Peppy Miller. Her hats and headbands were all so cute!



6 responses

  1. Hi Ellen,

    I’ve been wanting to see this movie. Now, I must see it! You can’t top a movie that has a cute dog and cute hats.

    1. yes! the dog is amazing! you’ll love it.

  2. Hey there, where can I buy a hat like that? My wife has been wanting one ever since she saw it! Please make me a hero!!!

    1. hi there, dan. do a google search for “cloche hat” and you will find lots of cute options for your wife!

  3. Are you the same as me loving the 20 30 s sheek ? 🙂

    1. definitely! i’ve always had a thing for the flapper look, but hadn’t focused much on the headwear until seeing this movie!

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