chocolate cake donuts

I made donuts for the first time!

There are several donut recipes that I wanted to try in BabyCakes Covers the Classics, so it was really awesome that my thoughtful friend Shannon got me a donut maker for Christmas! I made my first batch of donuts using the chocolate cake donuts recipe. I substituted garbanzo bean flour for the suggested garbanzo and fava bean flour and corn starch for potato starch. I was going to dip them in vanilla sugar glaze, but the donuts tasted so nice on their own that I didn’t bother. They came out just a little crispy on the outside, and moist and cake-y on the inside.

And I think you guys deserve to see what most of the donuts looked like, since things don’t always turn out picture-perfect the first time. The first few were not as pretty as those two shown above!

A little ugly, but they still tasted delicious!

6 responses

  1. Hi Ellen,
    I love that you showed both the perfectly-shaped donuts AND the misfits. I tend to be intimidated by cooking and baking. Your post shows that you just have to keep trying. And, once again, you have made me crave something sweet. I can almost smell the chocolate.

    1. you’re right, amy, persistence is definitely key. and it’s important to remember that there’s nothing wrong with creating some misfit baked goods – they almost always taste as good as the pretty ones. in fact, when i’m baking to share with others, i’m happy when there are some misfits because i can eat those without feeling guilty!

  2. HI ELLEN – Chocolate donuts look great!!! Wish I was there to sample misfits – I always feel the same way – misfits are especially for ME!

    1. so that’s where i got that idea! 🙂


    1. happy valentine’s day to you, mom! love you!

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