(re)mission accomplished!

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I had my second colonoscopy yesterday. As I mentioned last month, I’ve been feeling really good for several months. While it’s great to not have any symptoms of Crohn’s, sometimes symptoms and intestinal conditions don’t correlate, so we wanted to see how my intestines actually looked. And it was completely worth the annoyances that come with a colonoscopy to find out that my intestines looked perfect – no signs of Crohn’s! I’m officially in clinical remission and hope to stay that way for a while! I am so grateful for my awesome gastroenterologist, and for everyone’s support while I was feeling sickly!

5 responses

  1. hooray!

  2. Started a comment and lost it!!! Will try again. Ellen – This is the BEST news to hear from you!!! Does this mean that sometime in future, Dr. will lower amt of med and infusion or too early to predict?

  3. Oh, Ellen, this is wonderful news!

  4. thanks, all! 🙂

    mom, at some point we might be able to lower or even stop medication, but some people need to stay on the medication to maintain remission. much like the process of figuring out what it took to get me in remission, there’s some trial and error figuring out what it takes to stay in remission. also, if we stop remicade treatment, there’s a risk that if i need to go back on it, it won’t work any more.

  5. Ellen – Thanks for answering my questions – hope all goes well with Jeff and strike. Keep us up-to-date.

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