lemon sugar cookies

I used the sugar cookies recipe from BabyCakes Covers the Classics, with some extra lemon extract, to make these lemon sugar cookies. Of course they were delicious, but let’s talk about their appearance. I don’t usually put much effort into the appearance of my cookies, but since I have a few cute cookie cutters, I tried to make these sugar cookies in cute shapes. As you can see above, the shapes came out a little weird. The heart shape is at least recognizable, but what do you think of those other two cookies? They were supposed to be chubby baby penguins, but I think they look more like a fat T. rex and a fetus!


2 responses

  1. Hi Ellen,

    I see those shapes but also a rabbit and a whale. Looking forward to seeing you and Jeff soon!


    1. i don’t really see the rabbit, but i see the whale and prefer it to my fetus interpretation! we can’t wait to see you and peter! and vienna! 🙂

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