fort collins

While we were in Fort Collins, we had breakfast at Mugs Coffee Lounge everyday. I was pleased to find that they had gluten-free bagels (which I topped with peanut butter), and Jeff enjoyed their smoothies and 7-grain bagels. They also had yummy gluten-free cakes – I tried the chocolate zucchini cake and enjoyed it.

We had lunch one day at Rainbow Restaurant, which is mostly vegetarian. We took advantage of the spacious patio seating. I had the Peanut Cashew Vegetables stir fry (shown below) and Jeff had the Ali Baba grilled tofu lettuce wraps (which you can see in the background). Both meals were vegan, gluten-free, tasty and huge – they came with salad and a roll, too!

We had dinner one night at Tasty Harmony, an all vegetarian and organic restaurant. The jackfruit tacos were unbelievably delicious. We have a can of jackfruit in our pantry that we’ll have to use to try to replicate this meal!

I also grabbed a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie from Mary’s Mountain Cookies on North College Avenue and was impressed by how very good it was.

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  1. Hi Ellen,

    It looks like Colorado has excellent variety!

  2. I love how veg-friendly Colorado is. I wish I’d been vegan when I was in Denver last July because it seemed that vegan food was everywhere. As a then-vegetarian, I certainly had no difficulty finding delicious food. I wish it could be that way where I live!

    1. yes, it really is a great area for vegetarians and vegans! hopefully the rest of the world will catch up someday…

  3. […] great restaurants in Fort Collins (a few of which we got to sample during our trip in April) […]

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