quebec city

We really enjoyed our brief stay in Quebec City. We spent most of our time in charming Old Quebec. Between the narrow cobblestone streets, quaint old buildings, fortified city walls, and French signage and speakers, we felt like we had somehow crossed the Atlantic without the long and expensive flight. I highly recommend that folks in the US and Canada visit this North American treasure for a more accessible taste of the history and different culture that a trip to Europe provides.

We walked a few blocks from Old Quebec to get some Ellen-friendly food. We had dinner at Commensal, a vegetarian buffet restaurant that has several locations across Canada. Buffets are often difficult for people who can’t eat certain ingredients, but this restaurant does a great job of providing clear signage of what the foods are, and if they contain any common allergens.

And we couldn’t resist looking around in Le Crac Aliment Sains, a natural foods grocery store near Commensal. Check out my exciting purchases:

Oh my… Those cocoa creme filled hazelnut pillows did not last long! That box was ridiculously overpriced (around $8), but it was absolutely worth it! The cappuccino soy milk was fantastic too. Yay Quebec City!


2 responses

  1. Hi Ellen,
    I’ve never been to Quebec and enjoyed hearing about it and seeing your photos.

    1. thanks, amy. i think you and peter would enjoy visiting quebec if you’re ever in the area. hope you’re enjoying the end of your european adventure!

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