an afternoon in burlington

Burlington, Vermont is a cute little city on the shore of Lake Champlain. At the shore, you can see the Adirondack mountains in the distance across the lake.

We started off our visit to Burlington by getting lunch at Zabby and Elf’s Stone Soup. This restaurant is known for having creative vegetarian dishes, as well as some omnivorous options. On the day of our visit, almost everything in their buffet was vegan and gluten-free! I took some falafel pie, barbecue tempeh, saffron rice, tomato salad, and a few strawberries and grapes for my sweet tooth. There were some good-looking bakery items there too, but I was holding out for gluten-free cupcakes – I’ll get to that soon. We took our lunch to go and headed to City Hall Park, where we found a bench in the shade and enjoyed some live music and people-watching while we ate. My lunch from Stone Soup was probably the most flavorful buffet food I’ve ever had, so I definitely recommend eating there if you’re in Burlington.

After strolling around by the lake and checking out some shops on this very warm afternoon, the various ice cream shops were starting to beckon to me. Since Ben and Jerry’s was founded in Burlington, we figured it would be appropriate to stop in their scoop shop on Church Street. Jeff had a dish of Greek frozen yogurt and I had a dish of lemonade sorbet, which was very refreshing.

We also had to check out New Moon cafe because my pre-trip research turned up that this cafe has vegan, gluten-free, and one flavor of vegan AND gluten-free cupcakes. In fact, they call their petite cupcakes “cupcake kisses.” I think these smaller cupcakes with a smaller price are a great idea since I find most bakery cupcakes to be larger than I want to eat in one sitting. And with smaller cupcakes, it’s easier (and less calorie-intensive!) to sample more flavors! So I bought two cupcake kisses for the road instead of the one cupcake I had planned on. I didn’t see the vegan and gluten-free flavor, so I settled for two gluten-free cupcake kisses: hazelnut heaven and cranstachio. The flavors are very creative, but to be honest, I found these little cupcakes to be rather dense and oily. Still, they were definitely far better than no cupcakes!

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