sleepy people wanted

I don’t usually blog about the hotels/motels/B&Bs that we stay at because my impression of them usually ranges from mildly displeased to mildly pleased – pretty boring to write or read about. I’m just not much of a connoisseur of lodging places. But, once in a while, we stay somewhere special enough that I think it’s worth sharing. The Colony Motel, on Route 9 in Brewer, Maine (just outside of Bangor) makes that short list.

We’ve driven past this cute motel several times over the past few years on our trips between Halifax and New York/Massachusetts, and their sign that says “Sleepy People Wanted” always catches my eye. On our most recent trip, the timing was right for us to stop for the night near Bangor, so we decided to finally stay at the Colony Motel.

In the motel office, we met one of the warm and enthusiastic owners (who, in famliy-run style, live above the office). As we checked in, she told us a bit about the history and amenities of the motel (including adirondack chairs and a picnic table if we wanted to enjoy the evening outside), and asked us about our preferences for the customized hospitality basket that she would put together for us. Then she brought us to our room, which had recently been renovated with a country-cute vibe – picture gingham curtains, hand-stitched wall hangings (by a local crafter), a cozy quilt on the bed, and a live house plant! This motel offers the warmth and charm of a B&B, but with the convenience of your own fridge and microwave in your spacious room (free Wi-Fi, cable TV, and AC, too).

our room!

After a few minutes, the lovely owner brought over a tray with our hospitality basket, which included teas and dark chocolate. Mmmmm. Other options for the basket included coffees, hot cocoa with marshmallows, and milk chocolate bars. She also brought us two free souvenir mugs that say “Sleepy People Wanted,” because we mentioned that we had admired the slogan as we drove past on our previous trips. How sweet!

This has to be the most charming motel in Maine. For $81/night during a popular summer holiday weekend, we were so impressed with the quality and cleanliness of the room, and the fantastic service at this family owned and operated motel!


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  1. Hi Ellen,
    I bet the hotel would love to see a copy of this review. Did you post it on a travel site? You included great details.

    1. good idea, amy. i’ll have to do that.

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