favorite gluten-free products

Unfortunately, a lot of gluten-free products out there are either very expensive, taste like cardboard, or worse, both! For folks who are adjusting to a gluten-free diet, I’ve made a list of some of my favorite gluten-free products that I can assure you are pretty tasty. Obviously I make a lot of yummy (and cheaper) gluten-free food at home, but when I’m very busy or traveling, these are the items I eat regularly. These items are all dairy-free too, and most are vegan (I’ve noted the non-vegan exceptions).

  • Envirokidz crispy rice bars. I looove the peanut butter flavored ones with the panda  on the box
  • Enjoy Life cocoa loco bars. This brand makes a lot of good vegan and gluten-free products.
  • Clif bars. These bars travel really well, are filling, and don’t contain any wheat ingredients…but are not certified gluten-free. I feel fine when I eat them, but they may not work for you if you are super-sensitive to gluten. The company does make a few certified gluten-free bars, which you can find using this handy tool.
  • Oatmeal. Oatmeal is such a handy travel food! You can make it in your hotel room with hot water from the coffee pot, or on the go if you can just get some hot water from a coffee shop.
  • Yogurt. See my review of some of the non-dairy yogurt options out there. Greek yogurt is also an excellent choice since it is so high in protein (I’m excited to try the So Delicious vegan Greek yogurt!).
  • Soymilk (or other milk of your choice). I always have some single-serving chocolate soymilk cartons in my fridge, ready to take along for a long day out and about.
  • Fruit. My favorite fruity snacks are bananas or apples with peanut butter spread on them.
  • Rice cakes are your gluten-free friend. They are great carriers for any yummy spread! Hummus, peanut butter, jam, even frosting if you want to make a pseudo black and white cookie! You can also buy flavored mini rice cakes, and some stores have awesome gourmet flavored rice cakes – check out the dark chocolate and coconut-coated ones I found in Vienna!

  • Rice crackers. These are great for bringing to a party for appetizers. Also, some tortilla chips and potato chips are surprisingly gluten-free!
  • Cereal. I usually eat Rice Krispies or corn flakes, but the yummiest wheat-free cereal I’ve had is Peanut Butter Puffins. The honey rice and multigrain flavors of Puffins are certified gluten-free, but the wheat-free ones work for me.
  • Liz Lovely cookies. All of their cookies are vegan, many are gluten-free as well, and they are all delicious!
  • Swedish Fish and Junior Mints. You’d be surprised how many types of candy contain gluten and dairy. These two mainstream candies are both safe.
  • Gluten-free bread. My favorite brand that isn’t just sold locally is Kinnikinnick bread. It’s not vegan, and it’s not as nice as regular bread, but it’s pretty good when toasted. I make a mean grilled cheese with this bread, spinach, and vegan cheese slices.
  • Udi’s pizza crust. Again, not vegan, but convenient for a quick pizza night at home. Udi’s makes a lot of good gluten-free stuff, including muffins, cinnamon buns, and granola.

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  1. Thanks! It was great to see you last week and your dietary suggestions are so helpful! See you soon!

    1. you’re welcome! feel free to add anything that you like in the comments! see you soon ❤

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