Hi! My name is Ellen and I live in Fort Collins, CO with my husband and daughter. This blog is basically about things I like…vegetarian food, traveling, books, movies, music, and other random things!

Something that I don’t like, but still occasionally write about here, is Crohn’s Disease. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s in spring 2011, after about a year of unpleasant symptoms and tests. Fortunately, with medication and a careful diet, I’ve been in remission since spring 2012. I hope that sharing my experiences with Crohn’s will be helpful for others who have the disease or know someone else who does.

Thanks for stopping by my humble blog! Feel free to leave a comment and say hi!


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  1. Something that I don’t like, and do not write about much on my own blog (but am aiming to discuss more in the future), is ulcerative colitis. I was diagnosed in August of 2010. I have found that even though I have not had to drastically alter my diet, it has changed the way I look at and relate to food! Way to go for talking about it (even though we both know that these diseases are far from fun or pretty…at all).

    1. thanks, stephie! writing about IBD can be tough since you don’t want to totally gross out your readers or look like you’re throwing a pity party, but i think it’s good to share so that we all feel less alone about it. those of us with cranky intestines need to stick together! i hope you are feeling well!

  2. Have you ever tried drinking kombucha?

    1. no, i’ve never tried it. what do you think of it?

  3. My boyfriend’s mom has Crohn’s. I see you eat quite a bit of gluten-free and vegan things — what kind of diet do you generally follow to manage symptoms?

    1. i’m vegetarian by choice, but i’ve found that gluten and dairy make me feel sick, so that’s why i eat vegan and gluten-free (with the occasional cheat of egg-containing gluten-free products). i have a hard time digesting large amounts of raw vegetables, but i eat all sorts of cooked vegetables. fatty foods, coffee, and alcohol can be problematic too, and popcorn is on my questionable list. luckily there are a lot of foods left within my restrictions. and i should also mention that i’m on imuran and remicade, and those have helped a lot as well!

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