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weekly photo challenge: home

I’m going a little outside the box for this photo challenge, with a classic music video:

barrington street

This painted utility box made me think of this song (sometimes my mind is very literal).

fox in the snow

Winter seems to have begun in March this year – this is the most snow we’ve gotten so far this season! There’s a fox that we see occasionally in our yard, but she’s camera shy, so I hadn’t caught a photo of her yet…until today! Meet our neighbor, Foxy Brown!

When I saw Foxy Brown in our snowy yard this morning, I kept thinking of this song, and I love this video for it.

And here’s the original Foxy Brown in action.

babycakes blondies

Yum! I made these blondies using the recipe in the first BabyCakes cookbook, except I substituted a mixture of garbanzo bean flour and gluten-free all purpose flour mix for the garbanzo and fava bean flour, and corn starch for the potato starch. I baked them in a 9″x9″ pan for ~30 minutes.

And I always recommend having some Blondie with your blondie! 🙂

robie street

This utility box is one of my favorites in Halifax. I love the way the artist captured dark rainy nights in the city, and the scenes of the moon over rough ocean and the sunrise over calm ocean are beautiful. And I also love that the side with the dancing couples painted on it makes me think of King Harvest’s “Dancing in the Moonlight.”

pepperell street (part 2)

This utility box is a little bit reminiscent of a Thomas Kinkade painting. If you look closely, you can see that the subject is a church, which makes me think of Outkast’s “Church.”

university avenue

These utility boxes on University Avenue are painted to look like some of the beautiful buildings on Dalhousie University’s campus. The school-related images make me think of “Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard,” by Paul Simon (enjoy the incredible double dutch skillz in this video!).

albert walker drive

The flowers on this utility box are nice, but I am actually most inspired by the name of the street where this utility box is located. Albert Walker Drive makes me think of the Ben Folds Five song “Eddie Walker.” Here’s Ben playing the song solo in 2008:

pepperell street

The wintery scene painted on this utility box makes me think of Joni Mitchell’s “River.”

victoria road

The design on this utility box is very representative of its surroundings. One side looks like the houses in this neighborhood and the other side looks like a nearby park, Point Pleasant Park.

Seeing the park painting makes me think of Jill Scott’s “A Long Walk.”