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surprise cake

For her fifth birthday, my daughter requested a strawberry cake with purple frosting and a candy surprise inside. The candy surprise inside the cake was something she had seen on one of her favorite shows, Creative Galaxy. The surprise cake was actually not much harder to make than a regular cake, but way more fun to cut open and serve!


After assembling the layers of the cake, I just cut a hole in the middle of the cake, dumped colorful candy in to fill most of the hole, and covered the top of the hole with a small piece of the cake. With frosting covering the top of the cake, the surprise was well concealed until the cake was cut open for serving!

not a creature was stirring

…not even the gummy dinosaurs that had taken over the gingerbread house (nor the gummy army man that was trying to drive the dinosaurs away). This was my first time decorating a gingerbread house! Obviously we went a little non-traditional, but it was a fun and yummy project!

Happy Christmas to all!

nature’s candy: dried mango

Dried mango is one of my favorite snacks. It’s especially nice as a summer travel snack – it doesn’t get smooshed or crumbly, and it doesn’t melt. It’s great beach food. Of course, it also looks nice in a bowl.

But I don’t understand why every brand of dried mango I’ve seen in stores has added sugar. I imagine dried mango would be pleasantly sweet on its own. The added sugar really pushes it into candy territory, for me. At least this candy has a smidge of fiber, vitamin A, calcium, and iron. And no fat!

weekly photo challenge: old fashioned

A handful of old fashioned candy that we used to stuff a pinata!

And here’s the pinata, hanging from our clothesline and patiently awaiting the onslaught of children wielding a sawed off hockey stick…

fry’s orange cream

Woooow, this is a seriously delicious candy bar. It’s dark chocolate with lots of orange fondant inside. And amazingly enough, it’s vegan!

image from cadbury.co.uk

dark chocolate-covered marzipan

I think I just discovered the best thing ever…Marzipan Ritter Sport!

It’s dark chocolate-covered marzipan, and it’s sooo delicious! And it’s vegan, too!