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not a creature was stirring

…not even the gummy dinosaurs that had taken over the gingerbread house (nor the gummy army man that was trying to drive the dinosaurs away).┬áThis was my first time decorating a gingerbread house! Obviously we went a little non-traditional, but it was a fun and yummy project!

Happy Christmas to all!


nature’s candy: dried mango

Dried mango is one of my favorite snacks. It’s especially nice as a summer travel snack – it doesn’t get smooshed or crumbly, and it doesn’t melt. It’s great beach food. Of course, it also looks nice in a bowl.

But I don’t understand why every brand of dried mango I’ve seen in stores has added sugar. I imagine dried mango would be pleasantly sweet on its own. The added sugar really pushes it into candy territory, for me. At least this candy has a smidge of fiber, vitamin A, calcium, and iron. And no fat!

weekly photo challenge: old fashioned

A handful of old fashioned candy that we used to stuff a pinata!

And here’s the pinata, hanging from our clothesline and patiently awaiting the onslaught of children wielding a sawed off hockey stick…

fry’s orange cream

Woooow, this is a seriously delicious candy bar. It’s dark chocolate with lots of orange fondant inside. And amazingly enough, it’s vegan!

image from cadbury.co.uk

dark chocolate-covered marzipan

I think I just discovered the best thing ever…Marzipan Ritter Sport!

It’s dark chocolate-covered marzipan, and it’s sooo delicious! And it’s vegan, too!