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bright nights

Bright Nights in Springfield, MA is a great holiday activity for a cold night. Since we went a few days after Christmas, it wasn’t super busy – we arrived about five minutes before it opened for the evening and only had a few cars ahead of us waiting to get in. The last time we came to Bright Nights was about three years ago, and it seemed to have grown considerably since then. We were able to drive steadily at our own pace, and spent about 30 minutes enjoying the many detailed light displays.




If it hadn’t been such a brutally cold night, it would have been nice to take advantage of the place to park, get out of the car, and ride a carousel and enjoy warm drinks. Maybe next year!

brewery lights

On the weekend before Thanksgiving, we went to the Anheuser-Busch Brewery Lights in Fort Collins. This is a great free activity for families, anyone who likes Christmas lights, or people who like Anheuser-Busch beer. We really enjoyed the Christmas tree maze and riding the little train that went through a snowman tunnel and past many of the lights.


The train ride costs $1 per person, but entry is free and there is free beer as well. Other food and drink were available for purchase.

old town holiday lights

The holiday lights in Old Town Fort Collins are such a lovely sight each year.



gingerbread cookies

Merry Christmas, from our ragtag bunch of misfits to yours!


homemade christmas presents!

I made a few Christmas presents this year, and now that they’ve all been gifted, I can share them here!

scarf for Kiernan

soap for Johnny

scarf for Shannon

scarf for Fallyn

cupcakes for Colin

not a creature was stirring

…not even the gummy dinosaurs that had taken over the gingerbread house (nor the gummy army man that was trying to drive the dinosaurs away). This was my first time decorating a gingerbread house! Obviously we went a little non-traditional, but it was a fun and yummy project!

Happy Christmas to all!

(meager) christmas decorating

I like the way Christmas decorations look, and the celebratory spirit that goes along with the decorating, but it seems a little silly to go all out decorating our house for the holiday when we aren’t home for the better part of the two weeks surrounding it. For that reason, who knows if we’ll ever have a Christmas tree. But I hauled out a few decorations that are now scattered around the house. And I have some lovely Christmas tree ornaments that deserve better than to languish in a box in a closet. So for this year, I displayed some of my favorite ornaments as a table centerpiece as shown below.

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