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gingerbread cookies

Merry Christmas, from our ragtag bunch of misfits to yours!


chocolate chip cookie sandwiches

I made these chocolate chip cookie sandwiches for a party last weekend (using the recipe in the first BabyCakes cookbook), and boy were they a hit!

That’s frosting in the middle of the cookie sandwiches, so they are super duper sweet. I’d also like to try making these into chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches since I used to love Chipwiches back when I had a better functioning digestive system.

fort collins

While we were in Fort Collins, we had breakfast at Mugs Coffee Lounge everyday. I was pleased to find that they had gluten-free bagels (which I topped with peanut butter), and Jeff enjoyed their smoothies and 7-grain bagels. They also had yummy gluten-free cakes – I tried the chocolate zucchini cake and enjoyed it.

We had lunch one day at Rainbow Restaurant, which is mostly vegetarian. We took advantage of the spacious patio seating. I had the Peanut Cashew Vegetables stir fry (shown below) and Jeff had the Ali Baba grilled tofu lettuce wraps (which you can see in the background). Both meals were vegan, gluten-free, tasty and huge – they came with salad and a roll, too!

We had dinner one night at Tasty Harmony, an all vegetarian and organic restaurant. The jackfruit tacos were unbelievably delicious. We have a can of jackfruit in our pantry that we’ll have to use to try to replicate this meal!

I also grabbed a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie from Mary’s Mountain Cookies on North College Avenue and was impressed by how very good it was.


Denver has some great vegan and gluten-free food! We had a delicious dinner at a vegetarian restaurant called City, O’ City. This place has an awesome comfort food-laden menu, including vegan mac and cheese and soft pretzels! They also have a number of vegan and gluten-free options. I had the macro plate, which contained spicy tofu and quinoa with a miso sauce, along with steamed greens, pickled carrots, and kimchi. Yum! Jeff had the tofu schnitzel, which he absolutely loved, and even non-vegetarian Greg enjoyed his City, O’ burger. We also enjoyed their extensive tea menu.

We went out to Sweet Action for ice cream. I was delighted to find that in addition to lots of creative dairy ice cream flavors, they also had several vegan options: two vegan ice cream flavors and two sorbet flavors. They even had homemade vegan chipwiches, which I totally would have gotten if they were gluten-free. I had a dish of the vegan ginger ice cream, which was super tasty! There are also some really cool stores across the street – Buffalo Exchange and Fancy Tiger.

I met my friend Lindsay at another vegetarian restaurant, called Watercourse, for lunch. I had enchiladas and a huge frosted sugar cookie (both vegan and gluten-free). Lindsay had a seitan grinder, and her son nibbled on a huge Hostess-style vegan cream-filled chocolate cupcake. This place is very kid-friendly and has a really nice patio.

Cheesman Park

lemon sugar cookies

I used the sugar cookies recipe from BabyCakes Covers the Classics, with some extra lemon extract, to make these lemon sugar cookies. Of course they were delicious, but let’s talk about their appearance. I don’t usually put much effort into the appearance of my cookies, but since I have a few cute cookie cutters, I tried to make these sugar cookies in cute shapes. As you can see above, the shapes came out a little weird. The heart shape is at least recognizable, but what do you think of those other two cookies? They were supposed to be chubby baby penguins, but I think they look more like a fat T. rex and a fetus!

a trip to the babycakes bakery!

If you’ve followed this blog much, you might have noticed that I’ve posted a few times about BabyCakes. As I’ve been baking and enjoying the recipes in my BabyCakes cookbooks, I’ve also been looking forward to the day I’d finally visit one of these meccas of vegan gluten-free baked goods. So while we were in Florida last week, I was super excited to visit the BabyCakes NYC bakery in Downtown Disney.

As you can see, there were many kinds of cupcakes, cake bites, donuts, and breads, as well as cinnamon rolls, cookie sandwiches, and waffle sandwiches! They all looked delicious, but when decision time came, I opted for a lemon cupcake and a chocolate chip cookie sandwich. My mom got a brownie cupcake and my dad got a cookie crunch donut.

They look pretty good, huh? The cookie sandwich was tasty, but a tad on the oily side for my taste. Otherwise, everything was divine! The bakery definitely lived up to my expectations. 🙂

mexican wedding cookies

I made these Mexican wedding cookies last weekend, using the sugarplum cookies recipe from the first BabyCakes cookbook. I left some of them just coated with powdered sugar and topped some with strawberry jam as well. Our guests gobbled them all up quickly, probably without even realizing that the cookies were vegan and gluten-free!


There’s no doubt that snickerdoodles are yummy (even without gluten!), but I have to admit that part of my attraction to this cookie is the adorable name. Wikipedia tells me that the name snickerdoodle may be a corruption of a German or Dutch word, or my favorite hypothesis: “the name has no particular meaning or purpose and is simply a whimsically named cookie that originated from a New England tradition of fanciful cookie names.”

Anyway, I made this batch of snickerdoodles using the recipe in BabyCakes Covers the Classics. They are all of the cinnamony and sugary goodness that I remember from my mainstream cookie eating days, despite the lack of eggs, butter and gluten. I may need to look into those other fancifully named cookies – everything is better with some whimsy!

healthy banana chocolate chip cookies

I made these healthy and yummy banana chocolate chip cookies from the recipe I found here. I used my usual canola/olive oil blend instead of coconut oil and they turned out great!

thin mints

When my parents were in town, I wanted to wow them with how tasty homemade vegan gluten-free cookies can be. So, I pulled out my trusty copy of BabyCakes Covers the Classics again, and decided to make the thin mints (a long-time family favorite).

And yet again, these cookies tasted remarkably like the classic that inspired the recipe! My chocolate-mint coating came out a bit thicker than I think it was supposed to, so it was more like a frosting than a thin coating, but I think that was just something that went a little awry on my end. The taste was spot-on though, and I don’t think anyone would mind an extra thick chocolate-mint coating on their cookies! Soooo yummy!