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cabbage rolls

For us, using up the cabbage in our CSA box is always a challenge. Cabbage rolls are a surprisingly easy and delicious way to use up a bunch of cabbage. Here’s a general recipe for Jeff’s cabbage rolls…

Boil some water and add cabbage leaves to the boiling water. Boil the cabbage leaves until they become soft (around five minutes or so). At the same time, in another pot, heat up some rice and lentils and season them with pepper, sage, and garlic salt. At the same time, in yet another pot, prepare some red sauce (for ours, Jeff added TVP and the same seasoning as in the rice and lentil mixture to diced tomatoes, but you could use a jar of store-bought tomato sauce instead). Wrap a dollop of the lentil and rice mixture up in each cabbage leaf.

Place the cabbage rolls in a casserole dish…

…and cover them with the red sauce.

Bake at 350°F for 5-10 minutes (for us, everything was already hot when we put it in the oven, so it didn’t need long). Enjoy!

jamaican feast

We made a Jamaican feast based on the Vegetarian Delight with ackee from Caribbean Twist the other night, and it was amazingly yummy. The meal consisted of jerk rice and kidney beans, ackee with onions, peppers, and tomatoes (we used this recipe for inspiration), and steamed cabbage and carrots (using this recipe for inspiration). If you can find some ackee (ours was canned) in a store near you, I highly recommend making this deliciousness!

the fate of the sprouting onion

Remember our old friend the sprouting onion?

Well, the time for friendship was over, and the time for dinner was approaching. Here’s our green onion all chopped up:

And here’s the adorable package of udon noodles that joined our home-grown green onion in the stir-fry…

…along with seitan, spinach, broccoli, yellow onions, and Szechwan spicy peanut satay sauce. Yum!

stuffed acorn squash

Another dinner post! This stuffed acorn squash was so pretty and yummy that I had to share.

Jeff made it and he’s not a recipe-using kind of guy, but I can tell you that the stuffing mixture was Israeli couscous, chopped onions, several kinds of beans, and broccoli. He seasoned the stuffing mixture with BBQ sauce, coriander, garlic salt, and ground pepper. That all went into the hollowed-out acorn squash and then we baked it. Yum!

jeff’s amazing mexican pizza

I’m going to venture into posting a savory recipe today, because this crazy-sounding mexican pizza that Jeff dreamed up is just too delicious (and easy) to keep to myself.

Preheat the oven to 425ºF.

Start with preparing the crust. Since we usually make pizza when we’re wanting dinner sooner rather than later, we just buy pizza crust (usually multigrain) at the grocery store and keep it in the freezer until a pizza craving hits.

Once your crust is ready to go, spread mashed butternut squash on the crust. Canned pumpkin also works well.

Next, spread refried beans on top of the squash.

Then spread on some salsa. Then layer on some spinach leaves. Then we throw on some broccoli for good measure. Other vegetable toppings would probably also be fabulous!

Finally, top with grated cheese (we use soy cheese). Bake at 425ºF for about 12-15 minutes.

Enjoy this unexpectedly delicious combination of flavors!

lazy dinner for one

I love to bake. But when it comes to meal preparation, unless it’s for a special occasion, I am sooo lazy. Basically, I don’t think about preparing or eating a meal until I suddenly find myself starving…and then I want food immediately.

A few years ago, this meant that if I wasn’t going out for dinner or someone wasn’t making dinner for me, I would be having cereal for dinner. Then I graduated to frozen prepared foods, like veggie burgers, veggie dogs, and Amy’s burritos and mac and soy cheeze. Lucky for me, Jeff loves to cook and makes amazing dinners for us regularly. But when he’s out of town, I have to hustle up my own food. Here is a “recipe” for one of my quick meals that is a marked improvement from cereal and frozen dinners.

super fast and yummy burrito:

  1. Microwave some frozen veggies. I’ve been using diced butternut squash a lot. Corn would be good too.
  2. Open a can of refried beans and mix with some salsa in a bowl. Microwave this.
  3. Microwave a tortilla for about 15 seconds, just to get it warm. I really like Dempster’s ancient grains tortillas.
  4. Line the warm tortilla with spinach leaves. Then add in all your other stuff, wrap the burrito up, and eat!

If you want to fancy this up a little bit and are willing to spend more than 5 minutes making your meal, you could add rice or quinoa. And guacamole makes everything yummier too.