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serena’s look at roland garros

I love the dress that Serena Williams wore at Roland Garros this year. I’m less keen on the scrunchy she appeared to be wearing with it, but otherwise I thought she looked great! We won’t get to see her in it again though, because cramping Frenchwoman Virginie Razzano knocked her out of the tournament in an epic first round match.

image source

peppy miller’s headwear

Have you seen The Artist? It’s obviously been nominated for lots of Oscars, and is a thoroughly charming movie. I’d like to give an award for best headwear in a film to Peppy Miller. Her hats and headbands were all so cute!


25 ways to wear a scarf

I just came across this fantastic video that shows 25 ways to wear a scarf in 4.5 minutes. Please excuse me while I spend the rest of the day playing with my scarves.

200 dresses

The Daily Post at WordPress asks:

What in your life would you want to have 200 more of? Some people say they want to live longer, but would you really want to live for another 200 years? Others claim they want to be smarter, but how would you get along with your friends if you were 200 times smarter than they are (assuming that’s not already the case)? Perhaps you’d like a new car, but would could you possibly do with 200 more of them?

I would want 200 more cute dresses! A girl can’t have too many cute dresses, can she? I’ve already posted about a bunch of dresses that I love here, and here, and here. But that’s only 16 dresses, so I indulged in a little imaginary shopping spree to find some more cute dresses. The best thing about this imaginary shopping spree is that I can assume that every dress fits me perfectly, looks amazing on me,  and I have the perfect pair of shoes to go with it! Also, it’s free 🙂

So now I’m up to 32 dresses (200 is a lot!). These dresses are all from ModCloth, Dress911, or J.Crew.

even more pretty dresses

I seriously need an excuse to buy lots of dresses. Here are some more that I love from Dress911.

more pretty dresses

I’ve already mentioned my love of the dresses at ModCloth, but there’s also a Canadian shop that has lots of cute dresses. Here are some of my favorites that are currently at Dress911:

caroline wozniacki’s tennis dress

This is the adidas by Stella McCartney tennis performance dress that Caroline Wozniacki is wearing at the US Open this year.

(photo from adidas website)

I think it is one of my favorite tennis dresses yet. It has a beautiful style, with the ribbing/ruching and mesh top, yet also seems rather practical and comfortable for actually playing tennis. I like the neutral color, so that the wearer can change her bra/shorts colors underneath the dress to give the look some variety. Also, the color doesn’t show sweat much, which is always a plus. My only real complaint about the dress, at least as worn by Caroline Wozniacki, is that I wish the dress were just a bit longer.

pretty pretty dresses

I occasionally wish that I had a job where it would be appropriate to show up for work daily in pretty pretty dresses. That wish is often prompted by visiting ModCloth and seeing all of the adorable dresses that they have. I stumbled by there today and fell in love 9 times:

If you click on the pictures, you’ll find that most of the dresses have cute, clever names as well.