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weekly photo challenge: faces

A few architectural faces from Helsinki, Finland…



We really enjoyed Helsinki. It was prettier than I had imagined, and I spent a lot of time admiring the architecture around the city.




We also ate some great food in Helsinki! The only all vegetarian restaurant that we made it to was Zucchini (located at Fabianinkatu 4), and we loved it! We went there twice. They have a delicious meal of the day that they serve up onto your plate, and a pile of various lovely vegan breads that you can help yourself to. They’re only open for lunch though.

colorful and tasty lunch at Zucchini

The other restaurant that we went to twice was Namaskaar Express (Aleksanterinkatu 36). We loved the convenience of Indian “fast food.” There seemed to be one vegan meal option each day, and it was very good both times we ate there. Don’t bother with the naan though – they microwaved it, yielding an unimpressive hard and dry bread.

Indian "fast food"

We really liked the food at New Bamboo Center, an apparently very popular little Chinese restaurant at Annankatu 29. We had an early dinner there, around 4:30 or 5:00, and the place was packed! They have an extensive menu with a large vegetarian section that includes many tasty tofu dishes with a variety of vegetables and sauces.

Tamarin is a Thai chain restaurant that we saw in a few locations around Helsinki. We did our usual Thai food routine there, ordering a dish of Massaman curry with tofu and a dish of Spicy Basil with tofu and sharing them. The restaurant had no problem making our dishes vegan, and both dishes were great.

cool finnish things

I’m back from my honeymoon in Finland and Estonia, and I need to share a couple of random things that really excited me!

Probably the most exciting thing is that Finland has oat-based vegan yogurt! And it’s delicious! It’s called Yosa, and I had the opportunity to enjoy several flavors of it, with my favorite being plum. Yummy!

And Finland also has some very cute and popular cartoon trolls (who absolutely look like hippos to me) called Muumi. The Muumi family was everywhere we looked, including on a package of gum!