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reservoir ridge

We celebrated the Fourth of July by going for a hike at Reservoir Ridge Natural Area. These wild sunflowers made me smile as we climbed the long uphill trail.



horsetooth reservoir

The gem of Fort Collins in November, shortly after sunset.


easy strawberry chia jam


We spent several summer weekend mornings picking berries at our favorite local farm, Garden Sweet. Mostly we just gobbled those sweet berries up within a few days (or hours!), but I also got a chance to incorporate them into some yummy treats like strawberry banana pancakes and raspberry orange corn muffins. And I finally tried my hand at making jam, but the easy kind of jam…chia jam!

I liked the “easy chia jam” instructions that I found here. I opted to briefly cook our strawberries, although it’s not strictly necessary to do so. And the only other ingredients were 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 1 heaping tablespoon maple syrup, and 2 heaping tablespoons plus 1 teaspoon chia seeds. I went light on the maple syrup since Jeff is a very low sugar kinda guy, but even he thought more maple syrup would have been nice. The consistency was great, and here’s what the finished product looked like on a pice of toast! Yum!


nyala ethiopian cuisine

We went to Nyala for dinner last week. This was my first time going to an Ethiopian restaurant since I discovered my gluten intolerance, so I was expecting to have to pass up the delicious injera for a substitute of rice. But Nyala actually offers gluten-free injera!

2013-01-24 18.30.08

I didn’t think to ask what type of flour they use to make it, but if I had to guess based on the appearance, I’d say buckwheat. Anyway, it was super yummy and I really loved the “Vegetable Combination 2.” I’m looking forward to going back there again soon!

weekly photo challenge: illumination

Sorry about the lack of posts lately! We’ve been busy getting settled into our new home in Fort Collins. Here are two photos from the last couple of weeks that seemed appropriate for this week’s photo challenge. The first is from Kansas City and the second is from Old Town Fort Collins.



things i’m looking forward to


So I’m going to miss Nova Scotia, but I’m also excited about a lot of things we will experience in Fort Collins:

  • more sunny days
  • bike paths aplenty
  • exploring the west, especially all those amazing national parks
  • great restaurants in Fort Collins (a few of which we got to sample during our trip in April)
  • new and old friends in the area
  • “dry heat” (and subsequently, fewer bad hair days)
  • also relating to the warm summers…wearing dresses and tank tops more often
  • a drive-in movie theater
  • stores I’ve missed: Whole Foods and Target
  • good soy yogurt (and other non-dairy yogurt)
  • cheap shipping from Amazon and ModCloth (and free shipping from Zappos)
  • only filing taxes in one country


street art: fort collins (part 4)

This landscape-covered utility box is also on West Mulberry Street.

street art: fort collins (part 3)

This painted utility box, titled “Apiary,” is on West Mulberry Street.

street art: fort collins (part 2)

This painted utility box was on West Olive Street, right next to our hotel.

street art: fort collins (part 1)

I found more painted utility boxes – this time in Fort Collins! These two playful designs were on West Mulberry Street.