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things i will miss

As we prepare to leave Nova Scotia next week, I’ve been reflecting on some of the things that I will miss. It’s been a great three and a half years here!

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Around the house:
  • deer, foxes, and random cats in the yard
  • fuzzy baby ducks in and around the pond during the spring
  • the smell and sound of the ocean
  • sunrises over the ocean
  • sunsets over the lake
  • twinkling lights across the harbour
  • all the wildflowers in our yard
  • cozy weekends with the woodstove
  • the tennis court down the street
  • foghorns (although I won’t miss them keeping me awake at night)

Around Halifax:

joseph howe drive

It looks like the painter of this lovely utility box was influenced by Claude Monet and Georges Seurat! Beautiful artwork for a busy street in Halifax!

quinpool road

I love how the painting on this utility box depicts the pretty view of the Northwest Arm  that one can see from just a few steps away from the box.

mumford road

More cheerful flowers painted on a utility box!

wellington street

I love the cheerful colors on this utility box found in the South End of Halifax.

morris street

It’s been several months since I’ve posted one of these! With all our travels during the spring and summer, I haven’t had much time to wander around Halifax. The scene on this utility box is quite similar to Halifax Harbour when the Tall Ships were in town.

tall ships

The Tall Ships were in Halifax for a few days. I walked down to the harbour at lunchtime on Monday to watch the Parade of Sail as the majestic ships departed.

barrington street

This painted utility box made me think of this song (sometimes my mind is very literal).

pepperell street (part 3)

Pepperell Street has a lot of cool painted utility boxes (see my previous posts here and here)! I spotted this utility box last week and liked the leaf pattern.

south street

A forest painted on utility boxes next to a hospital on South Street