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things i will miss

As we prepare to leave Nova Scotia next week, I’ve been reflecting on some of the things that I will miss. It’s been a great three and a half years here!

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Around the house:
  • deer, foxes, and random cats in the yard
  • fuzzy baby ducks in and around the pond during the spring
  • the smell and sound of the ocean
  • sunrises over the ocean
  • sunsets over the lake
  • twinkling lights across the harbour
  • all the wildflowers in our yard
  • cozy weekends with the woodstove
  • the tennis court down the street
  • foghorns (although I won’t miss them keeping me awake at night)

Around Halifax:

weekly photo challenge: green

Jeff snapped this photo of a green-eyed visitor in our back yard.


Has anyone else noticed an increase in their local butterfly population this summer? There are so many of them flying around our yard this year!

dewy spider web

August is spider season at our house. And as an amateur photographer, when I saw this dew-covered spider web in our garden one morning, of course I had to get a shot of it.

If you zoom in on the picture, you can actually appreciate the individual dew drops on the silk strands. Nature is pretty cool!

weekly photo challenge: purple

weekly photo challenge: dreaming

Continuing the recent photo series of foxes in our yard, here we have foxy caught taking a morning nap under a nice shady bush.

fox in the sun

Do you remember our furry neighbor, Foxy Brown? There’s a second fox that has also made a few appearances in our yard. Earlier this week, this fox spent a sunny morning lazing amidst the wildflowers.

home sweet home

No matter how fabulous my vacation is, it’s always nice to come home after being away for a while. And it’s extra nice to be welcomed home by a beautiful sunset over a lake …

… and fuzzy ducklings swimming in your pond!

fox in the snow

Winter seems to have begun in March this year – this is the most snow we’ve gotten so far this season! There’s a fox that we see occasionally in our yard, but she’s camera shy, so I hadn’t caught a photo of her yet…until today! Meet our neighbor, Foxy Brown!

When I saw Foxy Brown in our snowy yard this morning, I kept thinking of this song, and I love this video for it.

And here’s the original Foxy Brown in action.

(meager) christmas decorating

I like the way Christmas decorations look, and the celebratory spirit that goes along with the decorating, but it seems a little silly to go all out decorating our house for the holiday when we aren’t home for the better part of the two weeks surrounding it. For that reason, who knows if we’ll ever have a Christmas tree. But I hauled out a few decorations that are now scattered around the house. And I have some lovely Christmas tree ornaments that deserve better than to languish in a box in a closet. So for this year, I displayed some of my favorite ornaments as a table centerpiece as shown below.

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