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weekly photo challenge: family

A fawn and its mother in our back yard during the summer.

happy halloween!

Happy Halloween from our punkins! It’s our first Halloween as homeowners and I hope that we’ll get some trick or treaters tonight. But if we don’t, I have to admit that I won’t mind eating the leftover candy 🙂

In other Halloween-related news, I’m excited that one of my vegan and gluten-free recipes is included in the Halloween zine shown below that Kala from VeganCraftastic put together. You can buy a copy of the zine from Kala’s etsy shop.

natural fall decorations

I don’t usually put too much effort into seasonal decorations in my home, but as I was picking up some clippings from a bush in front of our house, I thought that the little branches covered with bright red leaves were too pretty to throw into our dark and smelly compost bin. So I gave one branch a little shaping and plopped it in an empty wine bottle. Voila, fall decor!

This gorgeous autumn leaf bouquet is a wonderful DIY fall decoration that will take a bit more time to prepare than mine, but is also far more beautiful. Check out the tutorial if you want to make one for yourself (or for me :))!

weekly photo challenge: fall

Taken on my deck this morning…

the story of my tomato plant

I can now cross off number 13 on my bucket list! Earlier this year I started dabbling in growing edible things, like encouraging my sprouting onion, as well as growing some herbs (basil, rosemary, lemon thyme) on my kitchen windowsill. I didn’t quite have the motivation during this exceptionally rainy spring to set up a garden, but when I saw this sickly tomato plant on sale at Canadian Tire, I figured I could handle the $3 investment. I didn’t have much hope that the sickly plant would actually bear any fruit though.

But the plant really flourished, and I was surprised and delighted when I saw tiny tomatoes beginning to grow from the flowers.

And the tiny tomatoes grew!

And they ripened!

And then I picked them – aren’t they cute?! And delicious, too 🙂

weekly photo challenge: up

Looking up at the entrance and steeple of the little old church that was in front of our house, just a few days before the church was demolished.

pink moon is on its way

We had a pink(ish) moon last week! I’ll let Nick Drake fill you in on the details.

weekly photo challenge: flowers

I don’t know what the purple flowers are, but they remind me of something from a Dr. Seuss book!

weekly photo challenge: colorful

I love all of the colorful wildflowers growing around our house, and apparently so do the butterflies!

weekly photo challenge: morning

Jeff took this photo from our house one morning while I was still sleeping. Some sunrises are worth waking up early for!