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calactus cafe

On the way back to Halifax after Christmas, we decided to stop in Moncton again to try out another vegetarian restaurant. This time we stopped at Calactus Cafe for an early dinner. The menu has all sorts of different kinds of foods – sandwiches, salads, pizzas, and Mexican and Indian dishes.

I ordered a burrito, with tofu cream substituted for cheese. Interestingly, the burrito tasted more Italian than Mexican, but when I loaded it up with guacamole and salsa it was good. The tofu cream tasted kind of like ricotta, so I think the tofu cream would be great as a cheese substitute on one of their pizzas. Jeff had the Taj Mahal, which was also good, but only slightly Indian flavored. The pakoras were my favorite part of his meal.

The restaurant was quite busy and we found it interesting that most of the customers were speaking French. I knew that New Brunswick is officially bilingual, but I hadn’t expected to hear much French there. Hearing conversations around us in another language made me feel a bit like we were on vacation abroad, so that was fun. It’s exciting that Moncton has two great vegetarian restaurants!

zen garden

As we were driving home for Christmas, we stopped in Moncton (New Brunswick) for lunch at Zen Garden, a great little Asian vegetarian restaurant and tea house. We shared a lunch combo (veggie dumplings, rice noodles, vegetables, and seitan skewers) and vegetarian California rolls (avocado and tofu). Zen Garden has a huge tea menu, offering 60 different teas, and bubble tea as well. We chose to wash all that yummy food down with a pot of mango green tea – delicious! We look forward to stopping in here again when we pass through Moncton!