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weekly photo challenge: winter

I took this photo in late December a few years ago – we were driving from Northampton to Westfield and this late afternoon scene was so lovely and magical that we pulled over to enjoy it and take a few photos.

Snow and fog cover a field in western Massachusetts

weekly photo challenge: celebration

This is Celebration, Florida, taken from a hot air balloon.

weekly photo challenge: waiting

I know that I’m flattering myself, but I think this photo of my nephew waiting to dig into Thanksgiving dinner has sort of a Norman Rockwell quality about it.

weekly photo challenge: family

A fawn and its mother in our back yard during the summer.

weekly photo challenge: breakfast

Mmmm, blueberry muffins. I made these using Erin McKenna’s fabulous vegan and gluten-free recipe with just a couple of tiny alterations: I substituted maple syrup for agave nectar, and added a little nutmeg. Bet you can’t eat just three!

weekly photo challenge: fall

Taken on my deck this morning…

weekly photo challenge: faces

A few architectural faces from Helsinki, Finland…

weekly photo challenge: up

Looking up at the entrance and steeple of the little old church that was in front of our house, just a few days before the church was demolished.

weekly photo challenge: flowers

I don’t know what the purple flowers are, but they remind me of something from a Dr. Seuss book!

weekly photo challenge: entrance

A magnificent door in beautiful Tallinn, Estonia. You can read more about our adventures in Tallinn here.