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sushi in charlottetown

Charlottetown is the small but lively capital of Prince Edward Island. Even in Charlottetown, you can’t go far without being reminded of Anne Shirley – note the Anne of Green Gables Store and Anne of Green Gables Chocolates shop in the busy scene below. Of course we visited both of these establishments!

After a nice morning of wandering around downtown Charlottetown, we had the best sushi lunch at Ta-Ke Sushi on Queen Street. We enjoyed miso soup, edamame, avocado and cucumber maki, and most exciting of all, the Hawaiian roll. The Hawaiian roll was stuffed with papaya, avocado, mango, and asparagus, and tasted like decadent dessert sushi. It was even topped with an umbrella – how fun!

Although we were beyond full after eating all of that, we had to make a little more room when the waiter brought us a plate of watermelon and orange slices to cap off the meal. Besides the fantastic food, I also liked that each table had a call button to conveniently summon your waiter just by pressing it – very clever and useful!

adventures in PEI

We visited Prince Edward Island for a long weekend in the middle of August and had so much fun exploring the quaint little island province. Here’s a photo journey through some of the highlights of our trip!

watching the Gold Cup Parade in Charlottetown

visiting Green Gables!

a cute drawing we found in the barn at Green Gables

delicious raspberry cordial

sand dunes at PEI National Park

a charming little lighthouse in the village of Victoria

jumping into a tidal stream that feeds into the ocean at Basin Head Beach

sand bars and warm water at Basin Head Beach

Not pictured: fun in Cavendish, including riding down a huge slide in a potato sack and driving bumper cars (both at Sandspit), and a round of challenging mini golf at Mariner’s Cove.

the anne factor

The Daily Post at WordPress prompted me to name a book that changed my life. There are many books that have taught me something or given me a new perspective on the world. But there is one book that truly stands out – it that has brought me to where I am today, quite literally.


Anne of Green Gables. I think I saw the movie before I read the book, but I absolutely treasured the entire series of books, and have gone back to watch the movie many times as well. Anne and her wholesome shenanigans, enchantment with literature, and love/hate relationship with Gilbert captured my imagination. And who could resist falling in love with Prince Edward Island after seeing it through Anne’s eyes? Anne was born in Nova Scotia and didn’t have such lovely experiences here as she did in PEI, but these books gave me warm and fuzzy feelings about all of the Canadian Maritimes. So when Jeff asked me what I thought about him applying for a job in Halifax, even though it’s a bit farther from my family than I would typically have considered, I said go for it. And when he came here and thought the job looked good, we decided to move here, at least in part because of the “Anne Factor.”