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loveland fire & ice festival

It should come as no surprise that Loveland, Colorado, the “sweetheart city,” is really into Valentine’s Day. Around this time of year, there are charming red wooden hearts with personalized dedications posted on all of the light poles on the main street. And the Fire and Ice Festival is celebrated all over downtown Loveland on a weekend near Valentine’s Day. We enjoyed the festival’s great live music, carousel, carnival games, kettle corn, and of course, ice sculptures.

There was also an awesome community art project that came together throughout the festival. People painted individual smallish sections of a huge mural and the finished sections were mounted on the side of a building, creating a beautiful, funky image of Mona Lisa in Loveland. What a cool idea!


joseph howe drive

It looks like the painter of this lovely utility box was influenced by Claude Monet and Georges Seurat! Beautiful artwork for a busy street in Halifax!

quinpool road

I love how the painting on this utility box depicts the pretty view of the Northwest Arm  that one can see from just a few steps away from the box.

mumford road

More cheerful flowers painted on a utility box!

wellington street

I love the cheerful colors on this utility box found in the South End of Halifax.

morris street

It’s been several months since I’ve posted one of these! With all our travels during the spring and summer, I haven’t had much time to wander around Halifax. The scene on this utility box is quite similar to Halifax Harbour when the Tall Ships were in town.

street art: montreal

These apartment buildings with gorgeous murals depicting the seasons are awesome!

street art: fort collins (part 4)

This landscape-covered utility box is also on West Mulberry Street.

street art: fort collins (part 3)

This painted utility box, titled “Apiary,” is on West Mulberry Street.

street art: fort collins (part 2)

This painted utility box was on West Olive Street, right next to our hotel.