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tea party

We had a tea party for several four-year-olds in early September. This was a really easy, but fun, party to host.

We served two kinds of (caffeine-free) tea, sparkling pink lemonade, grapes, and lemon cupcakes with vanilla frosting, sprinkles, and maraschino cherries on top. The kids enjoyed their late-morning snack time on the deck, which was also a practical location in the likely event of spilled tea or lemonade. After they were done with the tea and snacks, the kids blew bubbles and played in the yard.

virgil’s coffee house

While I was home for Thanksgiving, we hung out at Virgil’s Coffee House in Saratoga Springs. I love the eclectic yet homey vibe in this coffee house – there is a special place in my heart for locally owned establishments with tastefully mismatched furniture, games and books that are available for customer use, and gluten-free cookies and brownies. I enjoyed a tasty soy chai latte and my cousin’s kids played chess and checkers while the grown ups had a nice chat.

new favorite tea

I have a new favorite tea: Chocolate Chai Rooibos from Zhena’s Gypsy Tea.

tea buying binge

I’m not the kind of girl who buys a lot of stuff. I may go on the occasional imaginary shopping spree, but I don’t actually buy much in real life. I’ve even mostly kicked my shoe-buying habit (lousy pun intended), but replaced it with a new vice: tea.

Although I clearly have enough tea to keep me and all of my guests going for some time, over the last couple of weeks I’ve let my guard down and started buying more tea. I bought this ice wine tea at the Peggy’s Cove gift shop. It’s not bad, but it really smells like wine and that kind of weirds me out.

And then on a sunny lunch break I stopped by World Tea House, a lovely tea house in downtown Halifax, and was suddenly moved to by autumn-ish teas:

Pumpkin spice and caramel apple…they each taste like the most delightful aspects of fall in a cup. Maybe someday I will combine the two for a super duper fall taste tea experience.

obsession of the week: chocolate mint oolong

Even though it’s officially spring, it’s definitely still hot tea-drinking weather here in Nova Scotia. And this chocolate mint oolong tea is fabulous. It’s like a decadent warm minty chocolatey dessert, but without the calories and fat!