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navigating your non-dairy yogurt options

Back when I still ate dairy, I used to love eating yogurt. Yoplait was my favorite – smooth and creamy and sweet. When I stopped eating dairy, it took me a while to find non-dairy yogurt that I liked. More and more non-dairy yogurt options are becoming available lately, but they vary a lot in taste, texture, and nutrition. Here’s my ranking of the non-dairy yogurts that I’ve tried so far, from best to worst:

1. WholeSoy – This is by far my favorite brand of soy yogurt. It is thick and creamy and just the right sweetness. Comparing nutrition labels, WholeSoy also does well, with relatively high protein (6 g per serving) and low sugar (18 g).

2. Silk Live! – This soy yogurt is also thick and tasty, but just a smidge less creamy than WholeSoy.

3. yosa  – Unfortunately for us in North America, this oat yogurt only seems to be available in Finland. It’s a bit thin and has less protein than soy yogurt, but it’s a delicious option for people who can’t eat dairy or soy. Bonus points for coming in unique flavors like plum!

4. amande – I tried the coconut flavor of this cultured almond milk, and thought it tasted very nice. It is thick, but in a rather goopy and globby sort of way, rather than a smooth and creamy sort of way. The 3 g of protein per serving is a bit low compared to the soy yogurts, but again, this yogurt is a great option for vegans who can’t eat soy.

5. So Delicious (cultured coconut) – I found this yogurt a bit thin as well, but the slight coconut flavor is nice. If you’re hoping for some protein in your yogurt, you won’t get much from the coconut milk (1 g per serving). But at least So Delicious supplements their yogurts with vitamin B12 (30% of recommend daily intake), which is great news for vegans who otherwise don’t get much of this important vitamin.

6. So Delicious (cultured soy) – I’ve tried this soy yogurt on a few occasions, and always found that it was a bit thin and had weird little bubbles in it, even though I was eating it way before it’s expiration date. It tastes alright, but not great. Again, it’s supplemented with vitamin B12, so that’s a plus.

7. ricera – This rice yogurt is thick, but more in a gelatinous way than in a creamy way (don’t worry – that effect is from pectin, not gelatin, so it’s still vegan). I’ve only tried the blueberry flavor, but I found the yogurt to have a weird taste and didn’t like it.

8. O’Soy – This seems to be the most commonly available brand of soy yogurt in American supermarkets, but unfortunately I don’t like it. I find it way too sugary (26 g per serving). Also, this brand of soy yogurt isn’t strictly vegan, since the cultures are grown in milk before the Stonyfield folks use it to make the soy yogurt (bad news for people with milk allergies as well).

9. yoso – This is the main brand of soy yogurt that I have seen in supermarkets in Nova Scotia. I think it tastes absolutely gross and is just not edible. Still, it’s sold in almost every grocery store, so apparently some dedicated non-dairy yogurt eaters are forcing themselves to eat the stuff.


if you could have anything to eat

The Daily Post at WordPress asks: if you could have anything to eat right now, what would it be? Here’s the rather massive meal that I’d go for (all foods that I love but can’t get in Halifax):

  1. A veggie burrito from Chipotle
  2. WholeSoy lemon yogurt
  3. Bubble tea from Rose Tea Cafe
  4. Vegan cupcake from Dozen Bake Shop

cool finnish things

I’m back from my honeymoon in Finland and Estonia, and I need to share a couple of random things that really excited me!

Probably the most exciting thing is that Finland has oat-based vegan yogurt! And it’s delicious! It’s called Yosa, and I had the opportunity to enjoy several flavors of it, with my favorite being plum. Yummy!

And Finland also has some very cute and popular cartoon trolls (who absolutely look like hippos to me) called Muumi. The Muumi family was everywhere we looked, including on a package of gum!